"We cannot command Nature except by obeying her. "

Francis Bacon

Delmavra Fox Squirrel

The Delmarva fox squirrel is an endangered species.I t was listed endangered in 1967.Lives naturley in four counties on the eashern shore of Maryland . These counties are Kent, Queen Anne, Talbot and Dorchester. This is less than ten percent of its historical range. Delmarva fox squirrels were once found throught the Delmarva peninsula, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. The numbers of this species have increased because they have been released to other sites with suitable habitat. They have been repopulated in several counties on the eastern shore of Maryland and all three counties in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.They prefer to live in mature forrests of both hardwood and pine trees with a minmum amount of understory and ground cover.The fox squirrel eats nuts from the oak, hickory, sweetgum, walnut and loblolly pine.

Information about the fox includes
696 to 1233 g; avg. 800 g
(24.5 to 43.4 oz; avg. 28.16 oz)

454 to 698 mm; avg. 595 mm
(17.87 to 27.48 in; avg. 23.43 in)

Breeding season
Breeding occurs from December to February and May to June.

Number of offspring
1 to 6; avg. 3

Gestation period
44 days (average)

Birth Mass
15 g (average)
(0.53 oz)

Time to independence
3 months (average)

Age at sexual or reproductive maturity (female)
1 years (average)

Age at sexual or reproductive maturity (male)
1 years (average)

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